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Who are you?

You asked.

Looking at me.

Really looking.


So I told you

what makes my heart dance

and we danced together


I told you want makes my heart weep

and we wept together


Who are you?

I asked.

Seeing you.

Really seeing.


You told me

What scares you

And we held hands together

You told me what brings you joy

and we laughed together


Some of the stories

were yours alone

but some, my spirit knew,

as well


I saw you more

you saw me more

when we parted


And we felt the space

between us

was less

than it was before

Around the Fire is an idea born out of over 20 years of work in Diversity & Inclusion, assisting in the creation of workplaces where people are seen, heard and valued.  

In every workshop, interactive presentation, or speech I give, my goal is to bring awareness to what separates us, and provide a window into the power of connection.


When we connect, magic happens.


Often in sessions, people learn new things about colleagues they have worked with (sometimes for years). They are surprised, we hear laughter, and the energy in the room changes.

It’s hard for people to stop sharing their stories.

I believe we don’t have enough opportunities to connect.


And even less with people who are “not like us” in some way. 

So…I wondered what could happen if we had more opportunities like these — and Around the Fire was born.


The intention of Around the Fire is to build community by creating the opportunity to connect with people who we may not otherwise connect with (or choose to).


Think about how it feels when someone really sees you. 

Consider the feeling of really seeing someone else.

Beyond what you think you know, beyond what you have been taught… so you can really see each other’s humanity: the ways you are the same, the ways you are different, and the thoughts, assumptions, experiences, myths and fears that keep you apart.


Imagine how these opportunities to connect could help break down barriers between individuals and communities. 

Imagine the healing that could provide… 


If you are curious; 

If you are “into” the idea of diversity, inclusion, and belonging;

If you want to challenge the biases that keep others at a distance, or keep you from reaching out;

If you are longing for connection;

If you want to participate in healing the world...

Join us. 

Sign up for updates. 

Come once, or come many times. 

But come.


Join us around the fire.

Share, listen, be transformed… and help transform the world.

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