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We meet virtually over Zoom for 90 minutes to connect across difference, break down barriers and recognize privilege. The sessions build on each other, taking us into deeper awareness of the ways we limit who and what we see, and provide opportunities to see more - of ourselves and others. 


Sign up for the first session as a start, or all three at once, on the Join Us page. 

Connect Across Difference

In session one, we create opportunities to notice and challenge assumptions we hold about each other as we share stories, listen, and connect.

Breaking Down Barriers

In session two, we create the opportunity to break through the barriers related to the isms, and by the assumptions we hold about what people have experienced based on who they are - or who we think they are.  

Recognize Privilege

In session three we create the opportunity to examine privilege - what it means, what it can look like, and how it impacts our experiences and connections. 

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