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Annemarie Shrouder. Founder of Around the Fire.
As a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Facilitator and Speaker, I'm passionate about creating opportunities for people to see more and connect. I'm so excited to be taking this work beyond the workplace.  (More information about Annemarie here)


I am honoured to be joined by the following facilitators to help us get present and grounded as we enter and leave each session.

Jasiri Nkalati is a self-study and self intimacy teacher who supports womb holders in restoring their connection to their essential self. Her objective is to guide others through the process of moving towards the unknown (undefined reality), exploring the layers of how one understands themselves, to ultimately unfold and exist in the truth of each moment. She is a certified holistic health coach and certified yoga instructor guiding practices in the 7 limbs of yoga to include asana yoga, pranayama and meditation. For more information about Jasiri, please visit:

Suzanne Dudley Schon is a Life and Leadership Coach, Author/Poet, and Speaker. Most simply stated -- she is committed to people living from a place of freedom in their personal and professional lives.  To learn more about Suzanne or contact her, please visit her

James Woeber is an international trainer, consultant, speaker, best-selling author and Co-Founder and CEO of the Art of Heartful Living Institute, a leadership and human potential training firm. He has trained and consulted thousands of socially-conscious leaders over the past two decades to boldly embody their full brilliance and generate positive change in their personal lives, organizations, and communities. For more information about James, please visit

Asha brings over 20 years of experience and a lifetime of passion to helping people on their journey to becoming their best, healthiest, most fulfilled Selves. 


As a Registered Psychotherapist, BodyTalk Practitioner, Hatha Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master, Asha draws on a rich and diverse skill set. Her gift is being able to meet clients where they are and guiding them to where and who they really want to be.

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